• We support development of communities with fewer resources

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  • We give students the opportunity to get to know other cultures


  • Our motivation to find ways to help others is what make us one


Core Values.

Our organization's values promote trust, free speech, and respect to diverse cultures and opinions.

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Our Plan.

Currently we serve the Austinite community in Texas, but as of Fall 2015 we will also start to work in College Station. We are involved in different volunteering activities such as planting trees with Tree Folks and also serving the homeless at the food pantry in Micah 6. We are always seeking new ideas, opportunities, and projects to serve communities and allocate our resources effectively.

Raise Awareness.

By raising awareness of social issues we motivate those with the desire of helping others with scare resources to take action.


Whether we are volunteering or developing projects in Latin America, we run by the motto: “START with a small action, it will lead you to a great outcome” – in which we strive to create a strong network between people and countries.


We link individuals from different parts of the world to equip a strong network of human capital and financial resources. After make use of these resources to distribute them in scarce regions and continue with our mission.

About Us.

Founded by students of the University of Texas at Austin, START Americas Together is a nonprofit organization which mission is to connect individuals and resources to help those in need.


To become an entity that not only accomplishes its objective of helping communities with scarce resources, but also opens the doors to students to explore other parts of the continent while contributing to their individual projects and those sponsored by START. This way we give them the opportunity to submerge themselves into new cultures and experience other people's reality.


Austin is a city full of people who are willing to help and give. Having traveled from different countries in America to study in the same place, what unifies us is the motivation to find diverse ways to help our local community and our own developing countries even while studying abroad.

Our Justice League.

Our team is led by students from different countries in Latin America who attend the University of Texas at Austin, Austin Community College and the Texas A&M University in College Station.

Camila Olmedo


From the heart of South America, she considers to have 20 sibilings. Camila has a “thing” for trees, she’s fascinated. Melts for ice cream. Has faith that people can change the world.

Diego Rodriguez

Vice President

Racquetball master and bad at soccer. Studies (and survives) mathematics. He is the right person to have a long chat. If you are tired of chit-chat, he also plays chess.

Brenda López

Social Coordinator

Outdoor activities are her favorite, except for swimming since she’s cringes at the sight of water. She rather play a tennis match or golf. If none of those are of interest, she loves to dance as well.

Marithé Guerra


In her free time she is either watching movies or eating desserts. She loves nature and photography. Recently she has discovered her passion for yoga. Along with here identical sister, they are known as “TwinYoga”

Mariana Bernal


She enjoys travel and listening to music. You will always find her laughing at her own jokes in her intent to stay positive. Coffee and book lover.

Salvador Vidaurre

Creative Director

He collects bumper stickers and pins for his bicycle and backpack. Since he was little, he has been fond of art, especially music and drawing. He is the type of guy who is always doing something, or at least that is what he will make you believe.

Nico Montoya

Public Relations

Passionate about music, cinema and sports. Studies economics and cinema in parallel. In short words, he likes everything. While good vibes emanate, he will adapt to almost any conversation.

Marta Gutiérrez


When she has her goofy time, she laughs at everything and there is no one to stop it. Enjoys life without complications. Excellent company when it comes to seeing new places and restaurants.

Upcoming Projects.

Fall 2015

Wear Refuge

We will help Refuge, a socially responsible company, support child refugee education through the sell of hand-stamped bracelets. A percentage of every purchase is donated and increases the access of education for children in refugee camps.

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Spring 2016

#cantemosporelagua Movement

We will compose a song that envisions our mission and all earnings from the purchases of it will go to a dedicated fund to provide access to clean water for the community of scarce resources through the project proposal: Water Is Golden.

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Fall 2016

Water Truck

We will hire a water truck that will provide clean water to the community of Campo Rancho Cerro Verde, Cochabamba Bolivia on a weekly basis. According to the need, we will evaluate the number of visits to increment this activity.

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Contact Us.

If you are interested in being part of our organization, participate on any of our projects, events or activities, receive more information about what we do, or you have any question please fill out this form or shoot us an email to info@startamericastogether.org

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