Project: Water Truck.

Fall 2016

We will hire a water truck that will provide clean water to the community of Campo Rancho Cerro Verde, Cochabamba Bolivia on a weekly basis. According to the need, we will evaluate the number of visits to increment this activity.

We will assemble to empower two or three women who will be in charge of managing the distribution of the water. The community will have to show their engagement by being punctual, filling up surveys, and continue to follow the rules established when reusing plastic bottles each water truck visit.

Initially, START will provide the necessary funds to hire the water truck, pay for the water and sustain the project. However, the final objective is to provide the community with a tool to multiply their own resources. Therefore, water will be sold at a subsidized price below the market. This will provide a revenue which will serve as income for the women hired and the remaining will return to START to continue funding other projects.

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