Project: Wear Refuge.

Fall 2015

With the addition of the new Texas A&M chapter, we are expanding our horizons and partnering with other organizations that care about others. Refuge is socially responsible company that supports child refugee education with hand-stamped bracelets. A percentage of every purchase is donated and through UNICEF increases the access and availability of education for those in refugee camps, specifically children.

We believe that together we can make a positive change through anything, even fashion! The Look Good, Give Good movement lets you make the ultimate fashion statement through social justice merchandise inspired by a story. Anyone can get an education no matter their location, even in refugee camps. Education is refuge.

What's a Refugee?
There are many different types of refugees, but our large definition is : any person forcibly displaced from war, natural disaster, political instability, who is seeking refuge and safety elsewhere.

Why Education?
Currently only 2% of relief funds are allotted for education.

How Can You Help?
Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, you can wear yours on your wrist! In wearing a Refuge bracelet you are monetarily supporting refugees, but also helping to spread the word. Follow Refuge on social media, learn more, and let others know so we can make a change in the lives of millions around the world!

Take pictures! Take videos! Hashtag the movement and make a change! #lookgoodgivegood #refuge #findyours

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